Simple Offline Bilitool Calculator

5 simple steps to plot nomograms and guide management of newborn jaundice according to 2004 AAP "Management of Hyperbilirubinemia" guidelines.

1. Enter Postnatal Age

Bilirubin App lets you enter postnatal age directly using the keyboard or calculates it for you from birth and lab times.

2. Enter Total Serum Bilirubin

Bilirubin App lets you enter TSB in either US or SI units. Nomograms and guideline recommendations are provided in the selected unit.

3. Select Gestational Age at Birth

Bilirubin App takes into account GA at birth to give you exact guideline recommendations rather than a table of results to interpret.

4. Specify Presence of Risk Factors

Bilirubin App accounts for the presence of hyperbilirubinemia and neurotoxicity risk factors when determining guideline recommendations. Quick reference provided.

5. Review AAP Recommendations

Bilirubin App plots nomograms and presents AAP treatment and follow-up recommendations in clear and concise language.

5 Simple Steps, All Offline

Bilirubin App works 100% offline. No internet required. No server downtime. Anywhere, anytime, it just works.

Links To Reference Journals

Reference sources by tapping the links provided.

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